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For all you Sci-fi MMO fans

Thu Dec 19, 2013 5:28 pm by Kyros

Prepare to have your socks rocked. I just found this free online game.

STEP ONE: Find a computer and look up "Astral Empires"
STEP TWO: Create and account and join the server "Ixion"
STEP THREE: Jump into galaxy 47 and lets team up to establish our empire in the stars!

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Wed Nov 20, 2013 5:17 pm by Kyros


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Rating is chosen by the Game Master and is placed in that campaigns Quest Board thread. Ratings are split into three. 
E (Everyone)- Role plays with a story and content that is appropriate for all ages.
T (Teen)- These RPs contain more violence than the previous rank as well as a certain level of cursing, but no sexual content.
M (Mature)- For those of a mature level of thinking/writing-- Might include sexual or disturbing content not suited for younger audiences. Please, DO NOT abuse this rating for the sake of creative freedom-- The M rating is reserved for campaigns that actually warrant such a rating. It serves as a warning for those who might be uncomfortable with certain content.
Campaigns that are solely created for graphic violence or sexual content will result in deletion and/or punishment depending on the circumstance.

Methods of Joining are split into four types. Chosen by the Game Master and also placed in that campaigns mission board. 
Collaborative- Similar to open and yet slightly different. This is the most open level of restriction. It is a style where all members that take part in it have a collective control over the campaign, the scenario, setting and the direction it takes.
Open- No PM, invitation or any other contact with the creator is necessary. Members can feel free to join these RPs just by posting their characters name in that roleplays thread located in the "Quest Board". They are open to everyone to join and take part in, however the GM maintains authority and control over the roleplay as it progresses.
Private Message Only- You must contact the Game Master before posting. This allows the creator to pick and choose who joins their campaign.
Invite Only (IO)- The only people who may participate in such RPs are the ones who have received invitations from the Game Master.

Becoming a Game Master In order to submit a campaign and become a GM you must either have a staff position or have the Common Member rank or higher/50 posts. If you fulfill these requirements, then you may contact an admin and they will add you to the Game Masters group. The reason for these requirements is so that a potential game master is knowledgeable about the lore and other aspects of the ODR world. 

Duplicate Campaigns are role plays that deal with the same premise/subject are not allowed to run during the same duration of time. For example, two different campaigns about a thief that stole the same powerful artifact. You cannot have two that deal with the same or similar plots in the same place, or anything of that sorts-- You yourself should be able to look at the campaigns already in existence and determine whether or not the idea you had was similar or not. If it is, then don't post your roleplay to the Quest Board-- it'll just be closed down.

The Five Line Rule- All role-play entries must be at least five lines long. This is not meant to annoy you, but rather to give your fellow roleplayers something to work with. It is very annoying when others do not give you something to work with and continue the story, and it might even break a campaign, so please, post at least five lines. We also hope that you'll eventually learn to post even longer posts. As a small addition to this rule, Game Masters are allowed to specify the minimum of lines each post in their campaign must have, as long as it's five or more. Anyone not following their preference can be reported and their post will be removed. If no preference is posted, it's still at least five lines.

Play-by-post is a general format of roleplaying that is not strictly limited to roleplaying. This may include both strict GM controlled adventures, or open collaborative stories where all members have an equal input and control over the scenario and setting. Gameplay in Remnant Glory is usually in 3rd person due to the fact that multiple members submit a post for their characters in pre-decided turns.

Stay In Character if you have a question or disagreement with the GM then post a reply in that campaigns thread in the Quest Board.

Romance When it comes to gameplay, romance is encouraged. As it adds a unique dynamic to the campaign. However try to keep the certain aspects of romance in the bedroom and out of the roleplay itself. We don't want in depth detail about how two lovers spent the night together.

NPC All non-player characters such as citizens or bystanders in any roleplay will be under the control of the GM as well as anyone they specifically give permission to role play them.

When Starting the GM must be the one to create the first post. This first post must be detailed and explain the the setting and scenario. The order of which everyone plays in will ultimately be decided by the GM.

If you've never done this or any online role playing before, you may want to view the forums and examine how other writers are interacting with each other. It's fairly simple once you get the hang of it. Playing is done by writing your character's actions and responding to what other characters are doing. You can only respond to people's actions and play your character. You can't write for other people or control their characters (that's called cheating, or autoing) and you can't kill them unless they agree or a staff member OK's it. Combat is not the primary goal of writing here. If your character is in a fight, it is in your best interest to do a few things: 

-Do not assume your attacks on other characters will hit them. Swing your sword "at" them and let the other person decide if it hits and where. It can help to decide with your opponent ahead of time what you want to happen.

-Do not come up with powers and items you need on the spot - these should be mentioned in your profile already. Do not try to play with your powers and bend what's written in your profile to help you gain an advantage.

-Trying to be too powerful in general is called god-modding. Don't do it. Nobody will want to play with you and the staff will get on your case. The less powerful you are, the less of a god-modder you are, and the easier it is for everyone involved. Let people hit you sometimes. What kind of book would you write where your main hero never takes a beating or never gets hit by anything? One that we don't want to read or partake in.

-If you are comfortable with the people you are writing with, you may wish to come to an agreement with them to allow auto-hits. This means that "you can hit me if I can hit you" and can make everything much easier. Do this only if you're mature enough to be able to compromise for good writing and only if you have gotten to know the other person. If it causes a problem: take your losses, call it off, and don't cause a scene.

In many play by post roleplays, most role-playing combat is done using Emotes to state actions, counters, defenses, etc. Using the Emotes to state intended actions and damage taken. A good way of doing this is visualizing the fight similar to one from a movie or tv show. Watch some classic fight scenes… anything to get a feel of the combat sequence and what you want to convey.
Here’s an example of a brief combat (emotes are in italics):

John: “I’ll teach you to mind you’re own business!”
John grabs his staff from the bar.
Eric: “Eh? Do tell?”
Eric steps back to prepare.
John takes a wild swing at Eric, trying to knock him off balance.
Jumps back a little, but backs up against a table.
John rushes Eric with his staff, to pin him down to the table.
Raises up to take a strike at John, but gets pinned to the table – unable to move.
John: “Now… leave this tavern before I plant a knot in your head.”
Reluctantly nods and tries to get back up.
Lifts his staff slowly up, allowing him to leave.

Dice Roles are used in order to establish a varying style of gameplay. Virtual dice have been added to the forum which the GM and roleplayers can use to predict the outcome of situations and conflict. For example, imagine you are in a battle with an NPC or another character. You role the dice and get a high number. This means that you may have a higher chance of dodging or hitting the other. However if you get a low number on your role then you will have poor results in that particular attack. GM's have control over the dice roles. This can also be applied to pretty much anything in a roleplay. Whether it be a role to decide how effective your character will be in interrogation or perhaps how successful they will be at scouting an area. At the end of the day, the GM has the final word and their word on dice roles is law.


Approval All submitted characters and adoption claims must be reviewed and approved by either an admin or moderator. No exceptions made.

Number of Character Members are aloud to have as many original characters as they think they can handle, there is no official limit. However, when it comes to cannon characters, members must have at least 30 posts in order claim a cannon. You can have a max of two cannon characters and they can't be of the same alignment.

Adoption When a character is dropped and put up for adoption, it is open for any member to adopt it. Even the creator if they decide to readopt their character in the future. If a member wishes to adopt a character then simply post the word "claim" on that character profile thread and an admin or moderator will move the character profile to the archive with the name of the new owner in the thread description.

Creating a Character When it comes to creating a character in Remnant Glory, your imagination is the limit. However, there are a few rules and guidelines regarding your character(s) that you must keep in mind.

1) All characters must have flaws/weaknesses. So make sure you don't over power your character(s). This allows a for a fair role play experience with others.

2) You are allowed to create a character of any race, place, background, profession, etc that you wish. 

3) If a characters history/background is connected with another persons character then you must first get the other persons permission before adding their character into your history.

4) Original characters may have only one superpower (although powers are not required). The exact limitations and parameters of that power is up to the creator.

5) Avoid using terms such as, most powerful in the world, invincible, unbeatable, etc. As stated before your character can not be any of these things. This does not mean however, that your character(s) can not be called these things by others.
(More rules may be added as the forum progresses.)

[size=24][u][b]CHARACTER NAME[/b][/u][/size]
[b]Race:[/b] (Human, Alpha-Human, Android, Cybratic)
[b]Alignment:[/b] (Say rogue if character has no alignment)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Image(s) of your character may be added if you wish to do so.)
[b]Background/History:[/b] (DETAILS)


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